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Herbal Bath Soak Gift Box

Herbal Bath Soak Gift Box

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Herbal Bath Soak Gift Box | Organic Postpartum Blend

This rejuvenating blend of organic herbs is blended to comfort, soothe, clean, reduce swelling, speed healing, ease discomfort and itching and help with inflammation. These flowers and herbs will provide a very relaxing experience while helping with natural healing.

Drop herbal bath soak bag in a warm bath and soak for approximately 20 minutes to allow healing of the perineum. This soak is designed to repair damaged tissue, aid in pain relief and discomfort, minimize swelling and soothe soreness. These herbs can also be used in a sitz bath, peri bottle or a compress. Included is one 3 oz muslin bag. Enough for three baths.

Organic Ingredients and the benefits.

Calendula Flowers helps reduce swelling and relieves skin irritation. It is also antibacterial and antiseptic.
Chamomile Flowers helps soothe irritated skin and relaxes muscles.
Lavender Buds are relaxing, smell great and help calm your senses.
Comfrey Leaf helps promote healing of wounds.
Witch Hazel Leaf has natural astringent properties that calm inflammation and soothes hemorrhoids.
Yarrow Leaf and Flowers has antimicrobial properties that help prevent infection in the vaginal area. Yarrow is also great for wound healing and helps to stop bleeding.
Uva Ursi acts as an astringent to help soothe skin irritations.
Raspberry Leaf helps reduce swelling and cleanses.
White Oak Bark helps stop bleeding and forms a protective antiseptic layer to allow healing.
Shepherd's Purse eases pain and helps decrease swelling and bleeding.
Dead Sea Salt and Mediterranean Sea Salt have minerals that draw impurities out of your skin helping you relax. They soothe skin irritations and ease tension.
Young Living Lavender and Frankincense Essential Oils offer wound cleansing and healing abilities. They also make this herbal soak smell amazing in your bath.

3 ounces

Made with 100% natural organic ingredients. Packaged in a kraft box with dried lavender decoration.

If you choose to have the gift box wrapped, it will be wrapped in linen textured white gift wrap with jute and dried lavender as decoration.
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